Concerns Raised by Miss Kylie Kay Essay

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Reflective essay

I conducted interview with Miss Kylie Kay on the 19.11.2013 regarding personal issues with not been able to cope with stress due to financial issues of being a single mum with a 6month year old baby. Miss kylie Kay concerns are worrying because of the stress levels of moving back in with her mum and having a volatile relationship in the past when living at home, kylie concern are that if she moves back in with her mother the fighting may have an impact on her baby. This might affect her ability as a single mother cope with raising her child, which she claims of not having a social life due to having a baby and is no longer in contact with her friends.
The best possible way to develop a trusting relationship with a client is to find common ground such as empathizing and understanding, listening, being open, honest and approachable. This will ensure a trusting relationship and build rapport. At the very begging of the meeting Miss Kay voiced her concern in regards to being a single mother and having no were to go due to financial issue, Miss Kay is currently in her early adolescent stage which she displays behaviour that is typical of a 18 year old single mother that is moving from different stages of being in her middle childhood stage and now moving on to adolescence stage of life , Which would have an impact on Miss Kay’s life span due to the developmental stages according to Freud’s theory that each stage of human development is characterised by a kind of struggle with two opposing outcomes, one leading to psychological health, and one problematic. There are certain developments during a lifespan that are predictable, which are often known as milestone events. An example of this is my client Miss Kay that fall in the range of middle childhood that now has finished school and being a single mother is now confused in middle childhood and adolescence of being a parent for the first time are all predictable life experiences, which is now reflecting back on Freud’s theory of stages of developmental theory.
Understanding where Miss Kay developmental stages are at according to Erikson’s developmental stages moving from latency stage of life and now being in her adolescence stage with developing a sense of past with present goals is confusing to the client within taking a huge responsibly of being a parent and adapting to her change of life .

The client spoke about the problems that were occurring at home growing up has a child which included parents’ marriage breaking up, and her mother taking her stress out on her which would lead to unnecessary agreeing. Miss Kay concern are now that she wants to move back in with her mum as she feel that it is her best option for now, Miss Kay is worried due to having a volatile relationship with her mother growing up and feels that it might affect her child growing to and she doesn’t want that to occur. As this was Miss Kay first meeting with me I did not want to overload her with information I mentioned to her that I could refer her back to see break thru, If she would like to and felt comfortable to go back there, as she has previsely been to break thru in the past for financial support but had problem showing up to meeting due to having her baby and just never went back because of time. Miss Kay argued for me to arrange an appointment with break thru on the 1/12/2014 at 1:00 pm to get help for financial support and benefits and any other service they can provide her with. Within the interview with Miss Kay I was able to understand the potential effect on making the right referral and being aware of my client’s stage development and understanding her issues that my client is facing due to her parents breaking up, being unemployed and also being a single mother has added so much pressure and stress to my client that is really unnecessary stress. Although issues that challenge us can occur at any time throughout our life, As for being Miss Kay case worker it