Concert Report Essay

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My initial thoughts for this assignment was that I felt it was going to be difficult. In the

beginning of the semester I viewed music as something just to enjoy and listen to. I thought to

myself how much is there to analyze for something that is so simple. I of course did

understand that it did take effort to make a song, but not until I took this class did I realize how

much work and thought goes into creating music. In the beginning of this class I was not looking

forward to this assignment, but as I continued with this it I realized how much music is a part

of my daily life.

As much as I love music I do not enjoy waking up to it. Everyday at exactly five in the

morning my neighbor chooses to play cumbia as he is waking up for work. Cumbia, a style of

music that is popular in Latin America, is the music I grew up listening to. Since I was already

awake due to the volume my neighbor was playing his music, I began to listen to the elements of

the song. Although the song having a lot of rhythm to it, the main beat however was being played

in duple meter. It was also being played in the A B A form, with a tempo I would describe as

moderate. In my opinion, cumbia is the perfect music to dance to for the reason of the tempo. It

is neither slow nor fast. The music tends to have a lot of repetition, as well as call and response.

The cumbia beats played by my neighbor is the most music I listen to in the morning.