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November 18th, 2013

Concert Report

I went to the Saint Julien hotel on October 15th , and saw the Laughing Hands play. They are a band that plays many different types of music South American style music to Jazz. They are a fusion band that plays many types of music from all over the world. They use different instruments in different songs and the style and elements of music used in each song varies greatly.
As a Fusion Band they take emphasis on melody. They started their concert with pieces that used conjunct and homophonic melodies. They used instruments like the violin and the flute for this songs. Later in the concert they the songs had a faster tempo and used a two beat pattern. At the beginning of the Concert they used a very tender and calm timber but as the concert progressed they slowly started to turned into a loaded and thicker timber.
In the fourth song called “Confetti” was a gypsy style of music. Gypsy music uses a big emphasis ion instrumentation, they used mostly string instruments and a tambourine. This song was the first of the World Music section. This song had a steady beat which surprised me because I didn’t really associate steady beats to gypsy music. It felt like it was syncopated and polyphonic. The Harmony for this piece was completely different from the previous songs. This distinguished it from the others greatly it had a dissonant harmony. After the gypsy song the band went on to play a kind of Brazilian style of music which again had a