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XI SHI Informational Interview
1. Name: Quni Ma; Title: Assistant Chief Financial Officer; Company: Riot games; Business address: 2450 Broadway Ste 100 Santa Monica, CA 90404; Phone number: 716-539-5350
2. Date: 4/16/2014; Time: 3:00 ~3:15 PM
3. Your concentration: Finance
4. Your career objective: Chief Financial Officer
5. Why you selected this particular individual to interview
He had a lot of experience as financial concentration in his industry, and I want to know how he grew and what process should be through. He moved up step by step, so he should know what should be improve through the process. Learning how to deal with staffs and moving up is my purpose.
6. General background information concerning the interviewee: degree, years in current position, etc.
He have an MBA from UB. He started in the Online product field in 1998 as a counselor, and moved up over the years to supervisor, program manager, director. After that he worked for Blizzard for 10 years as their fiscal director until he came to Riot where he is now as the Assistant CFO. He started here in November 2012 and plans to stay for the rest of his career.
7. What are the most significant recent industry changes that have affected your job/career field?
In the past 10 years, the market of virtual product had expanded so quick that they will have to change their model pretty frequently.
8. If you could go back and “re-do” one of your previous experiences, what would you do differently?
9. He would come to Riot earlier because the game League of Legend raised so quick.

10. What is work environment like? ( hours, facilities, co-workers, culture)
He works 8 hours a day 5 days a week and take about another 2-10 of work home. Since he spent a lot of time working with his staff. He may need to bring his own work home to complete. It is an intense atmosphere but very friendly, supportive and encouraging of one another. They work very hard, always looking for new efficiencies and ways to do things better and more effectively.
11. What are some professional business journals/articles that you suggest that I read and review for my field of study? (must list specific journals)
12. Virtual Products, Real Profits By Nick Wingfield This article use Zynga as an example to tell us how profitable is the virtual proucts.

13. What are the primary tasks performed for this position, what percentage of day is spent in each of these primary tasks, and which task is most challenging?
His primary tasks are to oversight of all daily accounting functions about 50% of the day; preparing all contract performance and cost reports for the county, the state,