Concert Review: Beethoven Spectacular

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Jeannie Vu
Music 100, 11:10am
Concert Review: Beethoven Spectacular

I went to watch the Beethoven Spectacular (Piano concerto no. 5) at the Robert B. Moore theatre. It was conveniently on campus at Orange Coast College and tickets were only $10 at the door! I didn’t think I would be impressed or even intrigued by attending a live symphony show but to my surprise, I enjoyed it very much. The people who performed were called The OCC Chamber singers, The OCC Chorale, and best of all, The Orange Coast College Symphony. Ricardo Soto was a lively and entertaining conductor for the orchestra that evening. There were only a few instruments that I could recognize which were the violins, flutes, trumpets and a piano. There were many more other instruments but I’m not familiar with them. The concert was about an hour and a half long. There were five parts that the orchestra performed which were called the Overture, Hallelujah, and the three movements of Allegro, Adagio, and Rondo.
I think the purpose of the concert (and concerts like these) is to remind people where music basically derived from. Also, I think it could educate and enlighten people who knew nothing about this side of music. It definitely opens new doors to enjoying music differently for those who are open to it. I would give this concert a 10/10 just because I truly enjoyed it and I don’t feel like I am educated enough in this genre of music to give it any real criticism. I would say that this style of music would be identified as the Classical era of music. The mood of the music, to me, was mostly happy and fluttery like mood especially with the piano. It was also intense and dramatic at some points. Ludwig van Beethoven was born into a family with musical background in Bonn, Germany in 1770. As a young child his father had already introduced him to music and trained him vigorously throughout his childhood. His father turned him into a musical prodigy at a young age and Beethoven became well known for it. Beethoven published his first composition by the age of 12. At that rate, he became very successful in his music at a very young age. By 19, he was already receiving a