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• Global warming o Heat waves, droughts, ect. Statistics being weighting toward hot and dry events
 1980s- Min and max temps, they were usually even, but today high record temps is about twice the number of low records
• You can say that the up climbing temperatures is because of global warming, but not necessarily a certain one is due to only global warming
• Seems like temperatures will keep increasing with time
• There also could be the case to where New York could have a cold front in January, and be colder than the hottest day in July in New York
• Have to look at it as a statistical or probable way
• Greenhouse gasses increase climate
• There are legitmate debates for climate change, there are ones who think there are a large change in sea level because of ice sheets, while others think there wont be a change.
• Political side, there are debates on such nuclear energy or should we put emphasis on solar, that would be a good debate, not extreme views
• Hurricanes-should go up as the climate goes up they debate rather they see changes historically it’s a great debate
• Interviewed by a journalist that wasn’t satisfied with a response he made, in an interview about science how did he feel about his fellow republicans denying climate change makes me feel a bit sad. “sometimes when I hear people carry on denying theres any change in climate change makes me ashamed to be an American”
• Republicans to republicans saying science isn’t something you can deny