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FILM TITLE: Children of Men
PART ONE - Choose a film we’ve watched in class and then briefly answer the following questions in complete sentences. Be sure to give an answer for each question. (1 point each):

I. Analyze the Hero (Protagonist/Main Character) and Villain (Antagonist/Opposition):

1. Who is the hero? Is the hero an individual, couple, or group? What are the defining traits of the hero character(s)? What values and beliefs do they represent? Is the hero better, the same, or worse than us?

Theo is the main hero in Children of Men; at the beginning of the film Theo is seen as somewhat of a depressed, hopeless alcoholic. As the movie progresses (especially after he gets kidnaped, and when he finds out that Kee is pregnant) he is seen as a passionate and strong willed. He believes in saving the world and letting the world know that Kee is pregnant even though all the “activists” disagree. I feel that he is better than us because he gives his life to help bring the baby to the human project.

2. Who is the villain (i.e. who or what opposes the hero)? Is the villain simple or complex? What are the defining traits of the villain(s)? What values and beliefs do they represent?

The villain can be seen as almost everyone in this film (except for Kee, Julian and jasper), because they are all after the baby and want it for their own needs, the activists want it for their cause, the British Government wouldn’t allow a non-British citizen have the first child in 18 years and all others are after Theo and Kee.

The defining traits are different for each “villain”, other then their need to use the baby for what they want/feel needs to be done even though it is (morally) wrong.

II. Analyze the Narrative:

1. What Goal or goals does the hero pursue? How does the villain oppose the hero? What plot lines (usually 2) emerge from the conflict of hero and villain?

Theo’s goal is to get Kee to the boat (the Human Project), he is constantly under attack by the Fishes (the “terrorist” group that wants the child for their own needs), and the British government (who doesn’t know about the child but they want control over society and do not allow Non-British citizens to be in Britain.

2. How does the hero Struggle to achieve the goals? What are the successes and setbacks in the struggle? In other words, what are the 2-4 most important events that lead to the final confrontation of the hero and villain?

The struggle is the constant attack and challenges of simply getting to the coast and getting a boat in time to meet the Human Project before they leave without them.
There are many important events that effect the plot of the story, but the events relating to Theo’s final confrontation with the fishes is: when Julian gets killed by the “bandits”, and then when Theo finds out that the fishes are the ones that killed her.

3. Climax: What is the decisive confrontation of the hero and villain? Does the hero achieve the goals? Does the conflict resolve with violence or compromise?

The final confrontation is in the building when the Fishes take Kee and the baby and are fighting the British Government, when Theo comes to rescue her and the child and he finally gets her but ends up getting shot in the process. The conflict ends with a temporary seize fire between the British Government and the Fishes when everyone sees the baby, but is short lived. Although the conflict continues it is over for Theo and Kee as they make their way to the Ocean.

4. Resolution: Does the conflict resolve to create a closed ending? If no, what goals or causes remain open?

No, we see Theo die and the Human Project boat arrive but we don’t know what happens after that. We don’t know if they find a way to have more babies or if it’s even the Human Projects boat.

PART TWO – Using the same film, write a short analysis of what the film means (i.e. what idea(s) the film invites us to accept) and use