Concilia Patriarchy Analysis

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Oh Concilia, you got torn apart, destroyed by the superior Roman army. Oh Concilia, though made with expertise, now you are just a piece of Rome, Rome, Rome, Rome. The inception of Concilia derives from in the economical system, social structures, political state, interactions between environment, and culture, based off the other ancient civilizations, in order to make the most prosperous civilization. Concilia’s economic lifestyle was vastly influenced by the economical system already in place in Greece. Given that Concilia is subjected to almost identical conditions as Greece, Concilia’s agriculture would parallel that of Greece. Farmers, which like the Greeks make up 80% of our population, would grow wheat, olives, and grapes as major …show more content…
Although the Americas, Greece, China, Middle East, and India were a patriarchy, this outlook is considered flawed in Concilia, since it allows for inequality. By giving full equality will improve the lives of Concilians, since both men and women are given an education. In the social hierarchy the highest ranked members would consist of Bae, our group of wise officials named after the founders of Concilia, similar to the Roman councils. Bae would be the highest ranking members of society because they make the decisions and essentially run Concilia. The lowest ranking members of society would be slaves or servants, that have not paid off their debts, or have been captured, as was common in other ancient civilizations, such as Rome and Greece.
A main aspect of Concilian culture is religion. Concilians are Polytheistic. The religious system in place is heavily influenced by that of the Hindu culture in India. In the religious practices different gods are prayed to for different purposes. Religious ceremonies would be a social event held by priests. Concilians firmly believe that there is an afterlife, similar to the belief of Christianity. A staple of Concilian culture is large gladiator battles, similar to the Roman tradition. The gladiator battles would be a public event held in