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Recognising head injuries
Definition of head injuries: brain injury is when a delicate part of the organ in the head
Has been wounded under the tissues , if the head receives a forced hit towards it this can cause a head injury also , the brain then gets shaken around this can then make the vessels bleed through the tissues. this can also lead to pressure on the head and also brain causeing head injury .
Symptoms could be dizziness witch results in concussion
Skull fracture a part that has been slightly brocken in relate to the accident
Cerebral compression this is pressure on the head giving you a thumping sound in you head this could result in the brain bleeding
Other symptoms would be bumps, swelling bruseing , bad headsches vomiting blured vision being pale or sweaty or aggression
The brain is one of the most important parts in our body it helps us do everything hurting ur heads or brain could result in long term disability or even death, if brain left to bleed the blood may build up if any symptoms occur please call 999.
Monitoring children wen they have bumped or hit their head is essential so tat they don’t just randomly faint in a random place on the setting causeing them to hurt them self again.
To manage a head injury on th setting you can sit the child down carefully and ask them how they feel or where it hurts if they can talk or respond , children that can not talk you can identify were they are holding or a bump or graze that is red or looks…