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In the big and very vast world of sports one of the biggest problems is safety. The question after every practice and every game is people’s safety. Every parent of an athlete wants their child safe. In the game of football thousands of kids and adults suffer concussions. And one of the biggest problems with concussions in football is not the injury itself but the lack of common knowledge about it. The issue my senior project will solve is opening the eyes of the younger kids and their parents in this community to realize the importance of concussions. This is an important issue because doctors have seen the more concussions you have the more likely you are to have really bad pain and brain damage in the future. This issue has been affecting our community for many years. Many lead originators in our community have been trying to think and find ways to raise awareness of concussions. Some things that could help with concussion awareness is a person our there at the games giving info out and helping teach our community about concussion. Even thou it is bad the NFL goes around to many camps to help teach players, but that is only one organization so it is important for everybody and every community to help raise awareness. I became interested in football concussion safety after my sophomore year. I got hit in a varsity football game and it gave me a severe concussion. It cost me three months of school and a lot of memory lose. Concussions really just messed me up they cost me grades and changed how I am now as a person now. It has made school so much harder now than is already was for me. It just changed my life. I care about this issue so much because I was a dumb kid and continued to play in the football game when I was hurt and should have taken myself out. I just know I can help a lot of kids that have had concussions and maybe open the eyes of kids that play the sport that they have to be safe when they play football. This is a silent but killer problem in our community. Many kids play football from kindergarten to high school and yearly it is on the front page of the paper about local football. That means there’s a lot of hitting and a lot of concussions. I just believe it is such a big problem because kids are hiding it and not telling their coaches to get better and get help. I just believe it is something that needs to be addressed. I believe the younger you hear about it and the more you know the better and more safe the future will be for athletes in this town.• Why is this not a bigger issue in sports?
• What are higer officials doing trying to solve this problem?
• How do concussions happen?
• Are there different types of concussions?
• What can players do to help lower the chance of getting a concussion?
The research for this paper has been very difficult, and time consuming. I used net tracker a tool provided to us by our school. This tool gave me the ability to get good information that is ligament and accurate to my topic of concussion safety. It made getting information easier and faster. To get started on my senior project I needed to contact someone who was involved in football and also a leader in providing safety for young athletes. So I contacted Miller, he is the athletic director at FFY and is very much involved in young athletes and their safety.
He told me how big my problem really was is in football and was excited to work with me on making a plan to get concussion safety out there to young football players. From my own personal experience with concussions I feel that many daily tasks are much harder. For example doing things that involve a lot of memorizing for me are so much harder than what they use to be for me. This is called post-concussion syndrome:
The consequences can be profound. Dr. Bailes, who chairs the University of West Virginia's department of neurology, said studies of retired NFL players have shown athletes who suffered three or more concussions are three times