Concussions Persuasive Essay

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Concussions have become one of the most talked about problems in sports, football in particular. Ever since I was a young boy I have played football, and the thought of getting a concussion almost never enters my mind. Even after a grade three concussion in the fifth grade my fear of a head injury has not been present. But in recent years the attention given to concussions in football is high on the list of my concerns; there is even a movie about concussions. Even though the thought of getting another concussion is terrifying I would never be able to bring myself to quit football. Football should not be stopped, but the football industry all the way from Pop Warner to the NFL needs to come together to upgrade equipment and research the science …show more content…
You always hear your parents or other family members talking about their childhood and how they remember the days they played football, the glory days. Football creates some of the best memories for the people that play in high school. Most of my friends have come through playing sports and one in particular is football. Without football my life would not be as complete. The attention that concussions are getting is extremely good for the sport as a whole. The threat of concussions is very concerning to the game of football and the more people we have trying to solve this problem the better. The technology of helmets needs to be upgraded and re-evaluated. We can’t expect to have a concussion free game when 300 pound men are smashing into each other full speed. For the safety of the players we need to focus on the safety of helmets to make them the best they can be.
Football is very important to me and I want to see the game change and become safer. I don’t want to ever see the game of football go because of the safety threat of concussions. I don’t want to see people with teeth falling out or major memory loss. Concussions need to be stopped, but football doesn’t need to