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Conduct An Area Canvas Plan
SGT Army National Guard
Conduct an Area Canvass Plan

In the following paragraphs I will document how I plan to conduct an area canvass plan. I will detail the data of my assigned zip code, to include demographics, population, employer data, historical data, market share, schools, and key lead generating areas. I will detail my strategy to Canvas the area and also my strategy on how to follow up on the leads generated. Finally I will outline my strategy for how I plan to track and document what areas were productive and non productive, what areas were best for RPI, and for attaining centers of influence, very important people, and leads.
Details of Assigned Zip Code
My assigned zip code is for which is 17822. The overall population of is 4,699 people. Out of the total population in , 29.86% or 1,403 people are eligible to enlist. Of the eligible population, 672 are male, and 731 are female. (PAARNG demographic study) loyment is broken down into the following, 24.9% transportation and production, 23.7% management / professional, 9.5% construction / maintenance, 25.4% sales / administrative / clerical, 0.9 % farming / forestry / fishing, 16.2% clerical. (Montour County Chamber of commerce). Historical information shows signs that enlistments have decreased from FY 2007 at 5 to FY 2011 of 1, and that market share has decreased from just under 18% in FY2007 to just under 6% in FY 2011. However it should be noted that market share should increase thanks to USAREC moving their office out of the area of operation, and substantially out of the area overall. The school in my Area is Area High School, a Tier I high school, that has grades 9-12. The school has 826 students grades 9-12 total, 140 9th graders 195 10th graders 170 11th graders and 170 12th graders. area high school boasts a 87% graduation rate while just 33% of graduating seniors goes to college. Key lead generating areas have been identified as Area High School, as all of last year’s enlistees came from that school. The historical data for this area as to key lead generating areas are not readily available as this year is the first year that the Army National Guard has had a dedicated recruiter for this assigned zip code. Prior to this year, this area was included in the lead generation area of the RRNCO assigned to area, which is 54.2 miles away.
Detailed Area Canvassing Strategy In order to cultivate Centers of Influence, and Very Important People I will immediately get out into the community and ensure that as many people as possible know who I am, where they can find me and what the National Guard has to offer. I will do this by going out to various locations, Local businesses, high school and local service organizations, and introducing myself, delivering RPI and business cards.
When attempting to generate new leads, I will utilize my school guidance office and faculty and ensure that they are aware of what the National Guard has to offer their students, I will also set up a time when I can get in to the school and speak to the students directly to educate them all, to ensure well informed student body for future missions, not just the currently eligible juniors and seniors. In addition I will speak to all newly enlisted and current unit members to cultivate as many leads as possible and establish incentive programs for current unit members to inspire them to want to participate in bringing new leads. It will be extremely important to set goals. Obviously it will be a good idea to set a goal to meet assigned mission, however it will be my goal to exceed mission by at least one enlistment per month. This will ensure that in the event that any particular month proves particularly difficult, that the overall mission will remain attainable. When considering the placement of RPI, I will evaluate the area for the most highly visible locations by my enlistment eligible population. Things considered for this purpose