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Avo Kazandjian
Conduct Review Paper

The standards set forth for the University Village are put in place to ensure a healthy and safe community for college students to live and strive comfortably and successfully. These standards are issued by the government and therefore are considered state law. Many of them have been well thought out and put in place for specific purposes. The state holds hearings and introduces bills into the state government and in order for the bill to pass it must get a majority vote on the bill. These bills guide our village with the laws they become. If it wasn't for these there would be no order in the village and would essentially be a giant hotel for partying. Our purpose living here at the village is to be successful with our studies, but also to have a fun social experience. This social experience cannot be out of control. Like everything in life it must have rules and regulations. These rules and regulations ensure the best and safest way we, as students, can successfully graduate, and also have a great social experience which we will remember for the rest of our lives. Three of these standards which I have violated are the smoking policy, the controlled substances standard, and the guest policy. The smoking policy states "Per California Executive Order, smoking is not permitted inside any part of the housing facility, including individual apartments. Smoking outdoors should be done in consideration and respect of all bystanders. Smokers must be 25 ft. from any building and must dispose of cigarettes in appropriate trash receptacles." This is placed in order to make sure the residents are safe. Smoking is a very hazardous addiction and can lead to not just harm to one's body but also to the surroundings. Someone smoking can lead to second hand smoking inhalation. Smoking within 25 feet of a building encourages the second hand smoking. This also can cause the lit cigarette butt to catch something on fire and potentially do serious harm to the building via fire. My guest and I were smoking rite outside the door of the apartment which clearly is in violation of the smoking policy. We were not 25 feet away from the building. By doing so, we put ourselves, and everyone living in that apartment building at risk. They could potentially inhale the smoke unwillingly and cause some sort of distortion in their lungs. We could've accidently left the cigarette butts lit and something might have caught on fire. The consequences of that situation were definitely not worth the risk. Smoking is already a horrible addiction and habit and smoking that close to a building causes so many more potential risks to the people around. As King James the First stated " Smoking is hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, and dangerous to the lungs." The controlled substances standard regarding marijuana states " The use or possession of marijuana in any form for recreational or medicinal use is prohibited. The California Compassionate Use Act does not apply to cases involving use and possession of marijuana that violate CSU Student Conduct Code or the Student Housing License Agreement. University Village residents are NOT protected from adjudication under the California Compassionate Use Act. " Marijuana as defined by law is a controlled substance. Possessing it on state property is not permitted because it is illegal. They have done much research and passed bills in order to see what the majority of the population believe, and they believe it should remain illegal. It being illegal makes it illegal to possess especially on government property. Whether you have a medical marijuana prescription or not it is still illegal to possess on this property. If you invite a guest over and your guest has the marijuana on his or her self you are still responsible for this because it is illegal to have this substance on person. You are also solely responsible for your guests actions.…