Confederate States of America and Louisiana Special Battalion Essay

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The flags in the Civil war were symbols of pride, but they were tactics meaning strategies for the soldiers. The flag marked the placements on the battlefield. They also marked the most dangerous targets. There were two types of flags. The Confederate flags and the Union flags. The flags were the most important part of the Civil War. The confederate flags were flags that stood up for the south. Anyways, the confederate flags consisted of many flags but here are four flags. The flags were, the 25th Louisiana Infinity, 2nd Battalion Hilliard's Alabama Legion, 1st Louisiana Special Battalion and Ware’s Tigers of Corpus Christi, Texas.
The 25th Louisiana Infinity had the colors blue and yellow on it. There was a cross in the center of the flag with stars running up and has the motto, “Trust and Go Forward”. The cross in the center is called the St. Andrews cross. In the top left corner, there is a packman looking circle called the Rosette. Many other flags have crosses in them to.
Another flag is the 2nd Battalion Hilliard's Alabama Legion; this flag has the St. Andrews cross in the middle of the flag. There are also stars on the cross and the colors are red and blue. There are many holes in the flag today from bullets flying threw them. Most of the flags have stars on them for all of the states in America.
The 1st Louisiana Special Battalion had eight stars for each state that seceded before the year 1861. This flag looks a lot like the USA flag now. It has three stripes and flags in the top left corner. There are other flags that look a lot like this flag like the Ware’s Tigers of Corpus Christi, Texas flag The Ware’s Tigers of Corpus Christi, Texas flag stands for the same meaning as the 1st Louisiana Special Battalion, but better. It has a brighter red, an actual white and there are more stars. On the flag it as the words, “Ware’s Tigers”.
There is another type of flag called the Union flags. The union flags stood for the United Kingdom and how the USA and UK and how the families grew together. The Union flags first were called the Union Jack but then changed to Union flags. Some of the flags that are part of the Union flags are 51st Pennsylvania Regiment, 54th Pennsylvania Regiment and the 4th…