Confederates in the Attic Essay

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Confederates in the Attic

As Tony Horwitz illustrates in Confederates in the Attic, the Civil War is far from over. Horwitz, determined to find the answers to this conflict, treks through the South, seeking to explain man's longtime obsession with a war that divided the nation. Talking to historians and Civil War reenactors of all kinds, he finds that people are still divided today when it comes to the war and present issues in society. He collects a vast amount of data, which proves to make things very difficult in drawing a general conclusion. Horwitz learns how differently the south views the war, discovers the way in which people use history to suit their own needs, and explores issues of race. Horwitz begins his
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He said that his generation, however, was focusing more on the reality of the war As Horwitz further discusses the war with Allen, he begins to wonder if many of the things he thought were factual are much closer to fabrication. Allen was right in suggesting that the war has been reinterpreted in unique ways. Like Hodge, "hardcores," wanted to believe they were a part of the Civil War. The men prepare as a professional actor would, taking time to fully convert to the role of a soldier. They pretend to give their lives to the cause, but in reality, they truly do by devoting themselves to the lifestyle.
It's hard to distinguish a line between honoring and romanticizing the war, and the consequences of our actions must never be forgotten. However, it is as if people are constantly searching for an alternate truth. There is much uncertainty when it comes to the history of the Civil War, and this distrust is only confirmed as Horwitz continues on his journey. On the contrary, the truth that racism remains a significant issue in today's society is undeniable. Horwitz asks many of the people he interviews about race, and finds there are many unstable views when it comes to this issue. He observes that racism is widespread, guiding the actions of southerners in various situations. The debate concerning the right to fly the confederate flag is one very heated topic. While the flag demonstrators claim it's "heritage not hate," others feel