Conference Crushing Notes

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Conference Crushing Notes

Tyler Wagner (Author)

Jason was an inspiration because he used coupons, which gained him customers and a lot of business

The richest people in the world build their networks, while everyone else just looks for work

Change yourself to change the conference

First time he handed out as many business cards as he could, learning new implementable info and met a lot of people. A few weeks went by and still found himself in same position as before conference. Looked to better himself, move forward and actually went no where.

Conferences are expensive investments of our time

Most people do not maximizing ROI return on investment at this event -bc they are never taught in class college or real life

Successful networking came down to one thing, providing value to other people -how are you a service to others (not how they can help you)

*Compares conference crushing to legal inside trading saying that every even will grow your personal experience and you should know what you are expecting out of the event

John C Maxwell, “your network, is your net worth”

Be the person everyone wants to succeed and leaving a lasting impact and the longer you wait to implement these strategies the more opportunities you are missing

Section 1: Before the Conference

Rule 1- define who you are (know what you provide and your value)
-info needs to be readily accessible when speaking to others at conference

Rule 2- investigate (more you know about those attending the event the better you will be) also know the employers and those attending so you know how you compare (although you will not know everyone) find similarities between people at conference (INFO GATHERING NOT STALKING) pick a few people (HOW DO YOU ADD VALUE)

Rule 3- Define you “why” “He who has w why to live for can bare any how”

Rule 4- surprise everyone
-Never know what could come from introductory email (gives story on when he once had event that he couldn’t afford but sent intro email to Jason saying he would do anything to have the opp to attend the event (he provided something)
-Possible to become friends with attendees before the event even starts (states you could be as big of a target as some attendees)
-write down aspirations and say them allowed every day (gives confidence)

Section 2: At the Conference

Rule 6- Upgrade your communication
-eye contact and posture are obvious
-Communication is the process between sender and receiver…..
-goal of networking and building relationships is to help people (research)
-impact of any interactions is 55 visual -38 sound (tone)-7 say UCLA Albert Moravian
-impression is more important and noticed more in his study (first impression is everything) make them feel like only person in room
-practice asking open-ended questions (and really listen to them and ask follow-up questions)

Rule 7-
Conference Don’t Do’s:
-try to memorize everything
-hand business cards w/out conversations
-don’t ask yes or no questions
-don’t ask career or work related questions only
-don’t waste time on electronics
-don’t be distracted by foods
-don’t gossip about others at event
-don’t talk to people you don’t plan of following up with

Rule 8- be present and aware
-do not get distracted and remember exactly why you are there
-do not forget the goals that you set and keep on track with them

Rule 9- Get out of your comfort zone
-taking risks leads to greater opportunities and rewards
-pretend to be confident even if not (gives personal story when at MasterMinds was scared to talk to Tim which wrote books who changed his life. He finally did
-focus on delivering value to others
Pretty much saying to ASK QUESTIONS and remember that people like to talk about themselves (ask about their start-up days)

Rule 10- Participate as much as possible
-most events at conferences are not mandatory but do not waste time and money and make sure that you