Confessions of an Unbalanced Mom Essay example

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Turn the handle, open the door and enter my thoughts. Only then will you see the winding road I have traveled. These are my original pointless ramblings and thoughts that materialize in my mind and have made their way to this amazing thing we know as the Internet. A place where everyone can read the stupid idiotic stuff people write about. It’s a place where you can see the best of the best and the worst of the worst. A place that can be happy or sad, amusing or annoying, enlightening or disgusting, friend or foe. It can be what you want it to be just by one click of a button.

I want to say that mothers face the kind of parental guilt when they work through dinner or miss a football or baseball game for a business trip that fathers will never know. Men can walk away & in some sense separate themselves, in my husband’s case, turn on his tune-out button to what’s going on around them. Mother’s see everything before it happens & what could make everyone’s lives better. There are many times they look at me, cause I know exactly what they’re thinking, if something is about to happen to them

I want to say that I love the "you go girl" aspect of women in business, and I adore those women who push others to follow their dreams, do their thing, explore their passions, quit their day jobs and write that book, start that website, mold their dreams into what they think they should be like. But I want to hear from those women who did it as single moms. Or as women who didn't happen to marry hedge fund managers. Or as women who don't have rich families to fall back on should Plan A turn into Plans B, C and D. I want to say that my mother was right when she said "Life is a series of choices." And that you always give something up to get something else. The best you can hope for is not to be the crane in that Aesop's fable, the one with a mouthful of grapes who sees his reflection in the lake, then drops all his grapes in an effort to grab more. I want to say that despite all this, I'd do it anyway. Because even though it's counter to the old adage, what I do, in a lot of ways, is who I am. I'd imagine a lot of entrepreneurial women feel the same way. I will be quietly imagining what unspoken challenges they faced on the way up. And I will sit back thinking of the other amazing, presumed do-it-all-er moms of the world. My mind is constantly going, spinning in circles…