Confessions of a Shopaholic Review Essay

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Confessions of a Shopaholic By: Sophie Kinsella Genre: Romantic Comedy Fiction The main characters of this book were Becky Bloomwood, a journalist who was in her mid 20’s and her boyfriend Luke Brandon; a handsome businessman and the story was told by Becky; first person. This book starts off by taking place in the city in Manhattan, New York City and London, England in the early 2000’s which is very significant to the plot since Becky, does a lot of shopping in the city of fashion by overspending her money which causes conflict. Becky, the main character I think is a woman who loves dressing up and buying clothes even though she can’t afford them. She is also sometimes too over the top too over the top but is also sometimes smart with her decisions. I think that Becky is most relatable to me because I also sometimes spend too much money shopping, but overall I make smart decisions for my life. I really enjoyed the part where Becky went on a weekend trip with her boyfriend, Luke. On this trip she shipped her luggage for a hotel weekend to impress him with how lightly she packed; although she only brought her make up with her in her luggage. This was a very funny part because she had no clothes at all expect for the ones she had on and she had to try very hard to get a logical explanation for her boyfriend. The character that was not mentioned enough in this book I think was her best friend Suze; even though she hung out with Becky a lot, I didn’t learn anything about her personal life. Becky changed in the book to a completely new person. At first, she was a shopaholic who only cared about herself who didn’t even think before she made an awful decision. At the end, she turned into a caring and thoughtful person who made intelligent decisions by saving Luke’s company, making an auction for her stuff, paying off the debts and taking a job in New York. The books central problem was when Becky overspends her limits by shopping when she moves to NY from London while Luke has turmoil at work, Becky loses her job also and she and Luke break up when she moves back to London alone. This is a realistic problem because couples get into fights and real people can be in debt from maxing out their credit cards. My favorite quote from this book is “There's no luck in business. There's only drive, determination, and more drive.” This quote basically means that you need to try your hardest to achieve the best results; to succeed. I enjoyed how this book was so hilarious and had so many funny jokes. I could barely put the book down, because I was laughing too much, I loved how Becky got into disasters which