Confidence Trick and Scam Watch Website Essay

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Scam Watch Writing Task
Scam watch is a website where people can learn and educate themselves on ways to avoid and detect scams. There are many scams that lurk around on the internet, and scammers that prey on those who browse the internet but with the help of scam watch, people will be able to know whether they’re getting scammed or not. Unfortunately scam watch is not very well known, and so to increase awareness we have made an advertisement showing people how scam watch can help.
One of the key features to this advertisement is the audience that it is targeted at. This advertisement is for those who are over the age of 18. These people need to be aware of the dangers on the internet – scams. Adults and senior citizens are the prime target to scammers. The reason to this is because they have the money. Younger people don’t really have that much money so scammers usually don’t target them. Older citizens are also more vulnerable to getting scammed as they have excellent credit, which makes them very attractive to con artists. There are many more reasons why people get scammed and they do not know of the risks and dangers in this, so awareness needs to be raised.
This advertisement will help raise awareness and promote scamwatch. Through televised commercials many people will be able to view and learn about this website and how it will help them. This advertisement informs people on scams, how they can be scammed and how scam watch can help them. The commercial will be aired between 7 am – 11pm because people are more available on television at these times. Also, another good time to air this ad is between movie breaks as many people will be on the television to watch a movie.
The theme used for this advertisement is “scary”. This theme creates suspense and an eerie feeling, with these effects, we will be able to grasp the audiences’ attention, making them interested and wanting to know more about scamwatch. The music helps emphasise and amplify how scary the being scammed is, how important it is for them to know about the scams that are out there, it draws them in. The facts and statistics we give them, in a way will metaphorically hit them in the face with the reality of how dangerous and serious this is and how scamwatch will be able to help them. The constant reminder of the scam watch website will get it into their heads, it will help them remember where to go to if they need help or want to know more about scams.
Other ways that can be used to advertise scamwatch include:
- Billboards: Many people drive to and from…