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Crimson Tide A. It was tough to ever really stop noticing conflicts between the characters as it was an ongoing theme throughout the movie. Obviously, the biggest conflict has to be between Denzel Washington’s character as the XO and Gene Hackman’s Captain Ramsey. Their main conflict is between the power they both hold on the ship and I would say it’s definitely a win/lose situation. Another big conflict would be that of the overall war that in imminent between the Russians and the U.S. over using nuclear weapons and having the Rebels fighting their own country. We also saw conflict between the Captain, the X.O., and Weps when he has to decide whose side to pick and whether or not to launch the missiles. Later on in the movie we see conflicts between the men on the ship who take the Captains side and are for launching the missiles and who are on the X.O’s side who are against launching the missiles. There’s another small conflict I saw and that was between Vossler and the radio he was trying to fix, where he was having personal conflict with himself perhaps doubting he would be able to fix the radio. B. I would definitely say that between the two of them, all of the types of conflict we learned about are used in one way or another. I’d say of the biggest ones used would be Direct Aggression because the Captain often raises his voice at the men on the ship and also swears a lot to get his point across. A lot of the men on the ship used Nonassertive Behavior because they found themselves caught up in the drama going on between the Captain and the X.O and they really didn’t want to have to pick sides. In a way I would say that Denzel’s character used Passive Aggression with some of the men because he wanted to get his point across but he didn’t want to seem completely angry with them; although his character was a lot more calm and collected I still think it was used. The Captain is more so seen using Passive Aggression as he talks about the X.O to other people on the ship but then as times acts as if nothing is wrong, even though clearly he has a problem with him. Denzel’s character is also seen using Assertion to get his point across, for example; when he’s talking to Vossler about getting the radio fixed, he tells him in a straight forward manner why it’s a problem that it’s not fixed and what will happen if it doesn’t. C. I believe that the biggest problem that the Captain had with Commander Hunter is that he had to work his way up to become the Captain and Hunter was very well educated and came straight from training in to taking the lead as Captain. He makes a comment when he’s locked in his room that the closest Hunter had ever been to combat was in his training, and for that he thought he shouldn’t deserve to be Captain in his first battle. The main point here is that the conflict arose because Hunter was very well educated and knew what he was doing from experience in the classroom and Captain Ramsey doesn’t think it’s fair that he had to deserve his place as Captain of the ship. The Chief of the Boat had been right…