Conflict Between Criminal Justice And Social Justice

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4 Seeking the Balance between Criminal Justice and Social Justice

Although criminal justice and social justice have some differences in the definition and extension, it is not to say that both of them are completely contradictory. They are aligned in pursuing the value of fairness and justice. Therefore, in the light of the discussion of the conflict between criminal justice and social justice, it is necessary to try our best to find the balance between them and improve the effectiveness of judicial activities.

4.1 Improving the Legal Awareness of Criminal Justice in the Public

The public should improve the legal awareness of criminal justice. Based on the above analysis, the public sometimes is dissatisfied and angry with the process and
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Ríos-Figueroa and Staton (2014) argues that judicial independence is a basic legal norm in modern legal nations. Judicial independence as a constitutional principle is a cornerstone of a modern legal state, it can ensure the specificity and independence of authority. Meanwhile, judicial independence is also the principle of trial, it can guarantee the justice of procedure to avoid the unfair process and result influenced by other government departments and outside forces. The judge should be dedicated in dealing legal cases to avoid the trial of public opinions when a certain case is suffering from outside …show more content…
Criminal justice and social justice are compacted together because they have the common attribute in justice. Justice has different definitions in different fields, thus the part of non-intersection between criminal justice and social justice produces the conflict. However, this kind of conflict does not mean that criminal justice and social justice cannot fit in well. This is only attributed to the fact that the ordinary citizens are short of the basic legal awareness and knowledge. Meanwhile, public opinions have some characteristics, such as instability, subjectivity and conformity. These traits will result in an incomprehensive, subjective and unprofessional attitude towards legal cases, which can mislead the right direction of the public to pursue correct social justice. This essay discussed the clash between criminal justice and social justice based on different situations in China, it provided some suggestions for seeking the balance between criminal justice and social justice to better ensure the fairness and equality in legal practice. At first, the citizens should improve the basic legal awareness and knowledge of themselves. Furthermore, public opinions often are biased, it is essential to guide public opinions with more rationality to the correct track. In addition, the law enforcement should correctly take proper public opinions into consideration, while irrational and subjective