Essay about Conflict: Conflict and Escapist Strategy

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1. What condition discussed in class is causing this conflict? Give and explain your example.
Both the unrealistic expectations condition and the inaccurate perceptions condition are affecting Karen’s judgment and perception of her current situation. It is even possible to go far enough to say she even has incompatible goals. She meets Mr. Lionel Banks, who mistakes her for a prostitute. Right from the start, Karen and Mr. Banks have incompatible goals. She then goes on the tell him she is not married, when in fact she is, so that adds a whole new element onto their budding relationship and causes more of a conflict for Karen because the lies she now has to tell. She also expects for this to be great, because some guy is sending her flowers and making her feel beautiful as she says, because she really is just lonely without Stan.
2. What type of conflict is Karen going through? Explain your answer.
Karen is going through two relational conflicts- the one with Stan is starting to appear to also become serial. Her brief relationship with Lionel is one filled with only conflict and lies, and although she thinks it’s just for some fun, it causes her to question her morals bringing her to a value conflict- whether or not to cheat on Stan.
3. What action strategies do you present in this episode? Give an example.
Karen is honestly the typical embodiment of an escapist strategy. As seen in all our episodes, she avoids most things at all costs by boozing and drugging. She has this sort of mentality where if she doesn’t acknowledge it, it must not exist. But we all know that is not only wrong, because the conflict will always be there, but also the fact that at times you can catch Karen’s guard almost slip and she- even if