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Greenwell Child Care Centre is responsible for the protection of the health and safety of each individual entering our premises. We recognize that our duty of care extends to ensure that all persons are provided with a high level of equity and fairness in relation to grievances and complaints management and procedures. It is understood that there is a shared legal responsibility, commitment and accountability by all persons to implement our Service’s Complaints, Concerns & Grievances Policy and Procedures.

Further, Greenwell Care Centre also complies with the Government’s principles and national standards which reflect additional health and safety requirements to protect the emotional and mental wellbeing of our visitors and families and ensure service equity.

We believe in, and implement practices to ensure procedural fairness and natural justice including;
• The right to be heard fairly
• The right to an unbiased opinion by an objective decision makes, and
• The right to have the decision based on tangible and relevant evidence Our Centre also strongly advocates open and honest communication between our staff and families and we believe in addressing any issues arising as quickly as possible.
Centre Practice:
Parents and caregivers are requested to speak directly to the Assistant Director, Director or Licensee to lodge a complaint.
Our Centre follows a conflict management technique known as the “5 A’s” approach
• Assessment
-The initial notification of a complaint, concern or grievance is communicated to the Team Leader, Director, Assistant Director and/or Licensee and documented. Such documentation is held securely and the notification treated with utmost confidentiality.
-Consideration by Team Leader Director, Assistant Director and/or Licensee of any legal requirements in relation to the complaint. The Centre reserves the right to pass information to a relevant government agency if the issue relates to a child protection matter.
-Consideration of other persons involved in the issue either directly or indirectly and effect of this matter on staff and Centre performance, reputation and attitude
• Acknowledgement
-Notification to all directly affected parties of the issue
- Setting of timeframe for resolution. In most cases this will be set between 1 week to 3 weeks depending upon the type and complexity of the issue
- Advising all parties of the procedures and processes to be undertaken and who the designated mediator will be for this issue
• Attitude
- Maintaining a positive attitude is essential to successful conflict resolution
-Positive attitude must be maintained throughout the Centre to minimize impact on children, parents and staff
-Gossip is not acceptable under any circumstances and can be defamatory leading to civil action
• Action
-Will include interviews with all