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SCHOOL UNIFORMS AND EDUCATION I believe that school uniforms should be used in all schools. When it comes to education, it plays a major part when wearing school uniforms. Uniforms restrict violence and crime, for it helps students feel safe, and secure. A feeling of sameness: Uniforms provide everyone with the same principles, no matter how wealthy or needy he or she is and by properly implanting a feeling of equality among those wearing them. What’s helpful about this view is that school uniforms will deter crime and reduce student safety, School uniforms will also keep students focused on their education, not their clothes, and it is true that School uniforms will create a level playing field among students, reducing peer pressure and bullying ("School Uniforms," 2014). School is a place where students are made to learn and not for students to be at risk in how they dress or how they don’t dress. If students couldn’t wear jackets, it would be hard to hide any type of ammunition. School uniforms keep students from hiding weapons under heavy clothing, making it easier to monitor students on field trips, and make intruders on campus more noticeable ("School Uniforms," 2014). I hear about school shootings all the time on the news and it is absolutely devastating to watch. You never know if someone would ever bring a weapon to school just by looking at them. A student could hide it in their clothes anywhere, and this is one of the main reasons why uniforms are so essential. School uniforms will lower crime because students won’t have to worry about other people judging and attacking them about what they

CONFLICTING VIEWPOINTS 3 wear. Therefore, if uniforms are going to help reduce school violence then it should be definitely mandatory. Students should be able to wear what they want, but if it’s going to help reduce crime then it should be permanently worn. The thought that school uniforms should keep students focused on their education and not their looks is absolutely true (Jones, 2012). School is where you go to learn and is way more necessary than appearance. Students need confidence, direction, ambition and care along with advancing in a strong learning environment. I had to follow a dress code at my high school. Our dress code was collar shirts and khaki pants. The students there really didn’t care about what others wore, but only their work. If I worried about what someone wore, I would have never got anything done. It is easier to have a peace of mind than worrying about something so unimportant, like other people’s clothes. Even though uniforms are useful, it can sometimes cause stress within peers because they may want a change in their appearance. But, enforcement of a school uniform plan can help serve the need of success. School uniforms can cut down physical or mental abuse that happens in schools. Students who cannot buy expensive clothes are usually the ones being criticized by their looks (School uniforms, 2012). Bullies usually look for random people to pick on. At times, the person being bullied can strike back at the person that’s bullying them. This problem creates a dispute that not wearing uniforms may interfere with safety in a school. Enforcing school uniforms make it harder for this to happen. Wearing certain types of colors, or styles could mean a relation to gang activity. Students often have to deal with things at home and at school, like getting assignments turned in on time and taking care of their kids if they have them. Taking on