Essay about Conflict: Human Skin Color and Ivf

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Emma Ashley Genetic Modification
I believe that the use of IVF should not be allowed for the use of creating a perfect baby. The use of IVF to change a baby’s eye colour, skin tone, hair colour etc is simply horrible and barbaric. I do however believe it should be used for such things as illuminating Down Syndrome and other genetic disease such as Turners Syndrome. There are some people that even use the use of IVF to determine the sex of their child and terminate the ones they don’t want. This is simply wrong on so many moral levels. If people use the IVF for such things as eye colour, skin tone and hair colour is will create a stereo typical person. Making your child beautiful or pretty will mean that people that don’t have the money for IVF would be classed as the ugly race and will be discriminated against. The use of IVF will one day destroy people and we need to keep it under control. I believe that IVF should stick to only helping with genetic diseases. IVF could be really really helpful for people all around the world, there is many couples around the world that are currently struggling to have children can become desperate. The use of IVF could help this process greatly and even save marriages. The use of implanting the sperm into the egg almost grantees fertilization and it’s just depending on the woman’s body whether the baby will survive the development stage. This would mean better chances also to people still single wanting to have a family