Conflict In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Pages: 3

“Night” is an autobiography novel about elie weizel and what he went through personally during the holocaust,How he was treated,his thoughts, the consequences and what he did when he was finally liberated. Elies internal conflict was that he always was more worried about his dad’s health than his own.His conflict effects the theme beause he somethimes felt that his dad was a burden and a threat to his own survial. Elie always cared about his dad more than himself, they had a very strong relationship.All Elie had left was his dad when him and his family were sent to “Birkenau” a death and concentration camp in Poland.When they arrived there was a selection where they would ask the jews questions and see if they were fit to live or to die,the ones that lived had to be strong,Healthy and not too young or too old,the ones that died were women, young kids and old people and they were sent straight to the crematories,that's what happened to his mother and younger sister.Ellie was