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How can conflict in the workplace affect the quality of care for the clients? Describe examples you have seen.

Managing conflict in the workplace is time-consuming and it’s not easy but it’s necessary. Conflicts exist between all parts of the health care facility not to exclude the patients and their families. They may result in high employee turnover and certainly limit staff contributions and impede efficiency. When I first arrived to my assignment here in Colorado, I quickly found out why the staff turnover rate was so high. We went from a clinic of 200 patients and now have 104 patients with pending admits to our clinic. When I arrived the clinic had 9 nurses all charge eligible but one, we now have 4 nurses; 2 travel and 2 permanent, 1 permanent not charge eligible till May per policy—meaning she has to be in the building with another nurse who is charge. That is a significant turnover for this clinic. When I arrived the old clinical manager, was rude, bossy, and gave out a lot of negative energy. Which I can handle rude and bossy—I go to work and do the best I can for the patient/s. My only issue with the clinical manager was the clinic constantly being out of compliance, being so under staffed she wouldn’t help, she would leave the clinic during codes, and questioned orders she wasn’t familiar with, I had to administer D50 to a patient with a blood sugar of 22, two patients actually…the other was in the 40’s—instead of helping, I was the only nurse on the floor with