Conflict in Syria Essay

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Conflict in Syria In 2011, protests spread throughout the country of Syria to bring down the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad and started a civil war. The U.S. is considering using force in Syria because Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons against protesters, which is an international law to not use any chemical weapons, and killed more than one hundred-thousand Syrians. Should the U.S. get involved with Syria? The best option the U.S. should take towards Syria is to work with the International Community to end the civil war. This option is best because we are not putting ourselves in harm’s way, it is best to hear others’ options with this kind of situation instead of going ahead, and using more violence is definitely not the answer to stopping this conflict. Cooperating with the International Community would be the best way to end the war because we will not harm ourselves in any ways possible. We are in debt already so we would not be able to afford another war. We also do not want to lose any soldiers or hurt any innocent bystanders. The U.S. should try to compromise with other countries for a much better peaceful solution. Working with others is the best way to end this conflict is because we need a solution that best fits for everybody. The U.S. acting alone will lead not only resentment towards the country, but will hurt the ability to influence a diplomatic solution in Syria. The U.S. should wait until other countries authorize similar military action or, as said before, come up with a peaceful solution that fits for everybody. The U.S. should be a part of the solution, not the conflict. Using force on this matter will not help with anything but will harm not just ourselves but others also.