Conflict: Nineteen Eighty-four and People Essay

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The Conflict from Story to Life Referred to conflict, the first thing I would remind is the experience of Winston in the 1984 by George Orwell. It is a story about a party called Big Brother controlled the whole society in every part of people’s lives. All people must obey the rules which made by Big Brother, otherwise, they would be punished. Big Brother even used the screens to surveillance all citizens about their work, their marriages and anything else. It seemed that there were someone conflicting with Big Brother, but they disappeared like they never existed. The protagonist- Winston lived under the party and its leader like other people at that period. He worked in the Ministry of True, and changing history in newspaper was his job. He had the ideas about getting the free and escaping the control of Big Brother. His ability was so small that he could not do anything to change the situation of society. It is obviously that the conflict between the man and society was so strong in this story. At the beginning of the story, the conflict of the party just stayed in Winston’s mind. He was afraid to show his thoughts to anyone else. Because there were lots of people worked for Big Brother around him. If he did anything wrong, it would make him disappear forever. One day, Winston started to have some behavior which conflict to Big Brother. The reasons of his change maybe were his experiences, or the fact that he fell in love with a women called Julia. He did not want to accept the marriage by Big Brother when he met Julia. Gradually, Winston started to break the rules in order to stay with his lover. Additionally, he wrote down his real thoughts in his diary. In the end of the story, Winston failed. His conflict did not make any change of society, but Big Brother converted all the thoughts in his mind. He was aware that any struggles he did before just useless. He surrendered to Big Brother, and finally, he said he loved Big Brother. The conflicts always exist around us, but they just in the different conditions. Sometimes, man has conflict with the other man, or man has conflict with the environment. We face the conflicts every day, so we…