COnflict Resolution Essay

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A couple that had been together for 6 months were living together and the male (B) had a child on the way with another girl. The female in the relationship (T) had known about the unborn child since he had found out and she had decided to stay in the relationship and work it out. Now there are at there 6 month mark and (B) had decided that he didn’t want to live with (T) anymore. He wanted to be on his own do his own thing and live independently so that he could learn to raise his child alone, so he wanted (T) to move out. Now when (T) heard this information she didn’t know what to think she was confused and first thing that she thought from all of that is that he didn’t want to be with her anymore. (B) insisted that he was not saying that and he just wanted to live alone. With no where to go if she moved out (T) felt sad all she wanted to know was why and she asked questions as to why but it didn’t seem as though she was getting the answer she wanted to hear. But it almost seemed as though she wanted him to say no I don’t want to be with you, but if he had said that the situation would have been even worse for her. So what she decided to do is not argue about it anymore and let him have what he wanted so she packed some of her things and left to a girlfriend’s house and slept on her couch for a few weeks. There were nights that (B) was not at the apartment they had once shared so what she would do is stay there on those nights. Although (T) was not happy with her current situation she never wanted to bring the matter up hoping that time will pass and (B) realize that he needed her.

In this situation sitting back and looking at it from a observer point, both parties are conflict coward’s (B) didn’t want to tell (T) how he really felt cause he didn’t want to hurt her cause he knew she was a good girl. And (T) didn’t want to argue in fear that it may drive (B) further away from her then where he had already drifted. Nothing was ever resolved and the situation was swept under the rug just like any other issues thye had had before. Because of that unspoken conflict nothing was ever solved and it only resulted in a quickie marriage into what they both