Conflict Resolution Essay

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I. Nature of Styles and Tactics
What are styles?
-Negotiating tactics used together frequently
A collection of tactics comes together and becomes a style
What are tactics?
Tactic- individual moves people make to carry out their general [negotiation] approach
Action in a negation to affectionate ones goals
Tactics used numbers of times become styles
Styles are overview, tactics are individual norms
II. Five Style Approach
Integrating, Obligating, Dominating, Avoiding, Compromising
Chart- page 145
Assertive and unassertive
Cooperative and uncooperative
Avoidance is merely another means of expressing conflict
Avoidance and culture
Cultures differ in their valuing of avoidance
Avoidance can be used in the legal
Avoid/criticize loop
You avoid bringing up an issue to people directly but spend a lot of time talking to them about others
“I cant talk to him, he is just so uncaring”
Specific Avoidance tactics
Denial and equivocation
Direct denial- “There’s nothing wrong”
Implicit denial- statements that imply denial that imply rational
“We never had enough money to fight over”
Evasive remarks
“They could have a real issue with that, but I don’t know anything about it”
Topic management
Topic shifts- can shift the topic to avoid the conflict that’s brewing
Topic avoidance- “I don’t want to talk about it”
Noncommittal remarks
Statement neither affirming or denying
Abstract remarks
Procedural remark
Irreverent remarks- friendly joking
Makes remark about a conflict in a friendly, joking manner
have to validate the other side; give something up to postpone it by postponing you recognize that a conflict exists
V. Competition Style
Defined: is productive if one competes to accomplish individual goals without destroying the other person
Example: “I have been at mediations where the other side basically argues that my client’s position is totally wrong, loudly.”
Destructive competition
Characterized by: