Conflict Resolution Field Essay

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As we all have experienced that conflict is happening everywhere. It can be simple or serious conflict. Conflict is an expressed struggle between two interdependent people who have different views, interests, or goals, and; feel a need to resolve differences. It can be a positive effect if helps build new insights and patterns in a relationship, or can be negative if it dismantles to relationships. (Beebe, Beebe, & Redmond, 2014) The conflict resolution field specializes in helping people communicate more effectively and avoid some of the pitfalls listed above. Two of the most common techniques taught are listen between lines, and the use of "I-messages" instead of "you-messages." Both of these focus on trying to communicate without placing blame and really trying to hear and understand what the other person is saying. When we are in conflict, making the extra effort to improve communication between the disputants is often helpful in reducing the intensity of the conflict, even if the conflict cannot be that easily resolved.
In my personal experiences, conflict always happened with my family rather than other relationships. And every time when having conflicts, my mum and me are in the competent situation. We both don’t want to give up our thoughts until one of us give up. However, we argue and argue again with the same problem because we didn’t give resolution to it. After I read this chapter, it motivate me to sit down and discuss face to face with her. Differently from…