How To Overcome Conflict

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Topic: Conflict Resolution
Challenges that teens face regarding this topic:
1. Difficulty seeing conflict as natural and thus necessary
2. Struggle to not personalize conflict and instead work to understand others via conflict.
3. Identifying conflict types
4. Deciding when and how to approach various types of conflict
5. Using different types of communication styles to approach conflict
Goals achieved during the activity:
1. Identify terms associated with conflict.
2. Identify a personal struggle or conflict.
3. Identify and understand different types of conflicts.
4. Identify and understand different ways to approach conflicts
5. Identify what conflicts might require, encourage or discourage particular approaches to solving the conflict.
6. Practice effective communication skills with a specific past conflict in mind.
Target Group:
Freshmen girls/boys (choose one). 6-12 students. Running during Freshmen Seminar classes. Lesson should last 45-70 minutes.

Please outline the description of this class activity in a detailed class plan.

If a worksheet is needed, please attach that as well.
1. Students will be given the Conflict Resolution and Communication worksheet and asked to define the terms we will be using today in groups of three.
2. Present and discuss the definitions of these words.
3. For five minutes, think about a conflict you have had in the past and write down everything you can remember about the conflict.
4. I describe the four types of conflicts (inter/intra personal/group)
5. Share brief details of our personal conflicts and identify as a class what types