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Name Title _General Sessions Court Judge
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Face-to-Face_____ Phone Interview____ Email _X___ 1. Do you believe conflict resolution is a growing field of study? Why or why not? Yes. In our work force and in our schools, conflict among workers and students is continuing to grow. As a juvenile judge, I witness this on a daily basis. Young people carry problems that occur outside of the school to the school. It disrupts the learning environment, involves a multitude of others, and begins a cycle of continued conflict. Social media also adds to this conflict. 2. Can you truly be effective without having a personal relationship with a coworker? Yes. In most situations, I believe it is best not to maintain personal relationships with co-workers. In doing so, it can create additional conflict. As professional in our fields, if we uphold professional attitudes and judgments, then one can most certainly be effective. 3. How do you usually handle mediation between coworkers? 4. What is your approach to peacemaking when dealing with conflict between your employers? I simply remind the employers of their professional roles and to model appropriate, professional behavior. This is of the utmost importance considering our role in the public working directly with young adults. 5. What have you learned from past mistakes you have made and how do you apply this to your everyday life? I have learned to conduct myself appropriately inside and outside of the court room so as to convey a positive attitude toward our work with the community. I have had to ignore negative publicity and inferences to my personal life and simply perform my role the best of my ability. 6. How do you deal with bullying or intimidation in the workplace? I do not tolerate this behavior. 7. Have you used mediation in the workplace in the past? Not to the extent that it is needed. 8. Would you prefer to have your workplace disputes mediated on site or referred to a private mediation service? On site 9. What is your usual response to conflict? 10. What role does conflict play in your life? How often do you experience conflict in your organization? 11. How do you handle conflict between two of your employees? Talk to them individually 12. How do you manage to work with people whom you are not comfortable with? Present myself in a professional manner at all times and try to have another co-worker present if necessary 13. In what part of your organization do you see the most conflict? 14. In your experience, what gender experiences more conflict within your organization, men or women? Women 15. Would you ever consider having mediation training in your organization? Yes 16. If so, would the training be offered to upper management, employees, or both? Both 17. Do you schedule regular time for improving interpersonal relationships in the workplace? 18. Are you committed to team and employee professional development? Yes 19. Do you make yourself available to deal with any