Conflict: South Africa and Area Conflict Essay

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Conflict can have as many positive out comes as negative
Conflicts arise when the people are unhappy with how they are governed. The most common conflicts occur when a particular group wants to be independent from a central government, or when their viewpoint isn't represented in the government, or when the government oppresses them and doesn't respect or meet their basic needs. Conflict can have negative impact as well positive impact. In some area conflict can bring peace and love. On the other hand conflict can also destroy environment as it can bring on a feeling of hopelessness, mental health problems and disability. Positive conflict can help people to analyse ideas, plans, and projects. During conflict lots of people die and become disabled. In 2000 Ethiopia and Eritrea were at war because the Eritrean government (president Esayas) want to take land from Ethiopia but, the Ethiopian government( prime minster Meles) did not agree to give it them. When both country did not agree they started fight, more than 5000 people were died, about 3500 people were injured they suffered in in treble in fact until now the people who got injured still rely on the government and on their family. For survival their suffer in to mental health disorders and they are unable to work. As So conflict can cause mental health, social health and physical health problem. As the result of the war between Eritrea and Ethiopia the state of the economic changed and goods became expensive because the government didn’t really care about the economic they only cared to win and to take the land back. During conflict love and piece lost. The consequences of war are absent in the Quiet American the South Vietnam tried to expel the French colonise. Too many people died and too many people were injured and nowhere to live and to stay.
Conflict can occur between two people. In the novel ‘The Quiet American’ there is a conflict between Fowler and Pyle. Both of them love one woman. Fowler doesn’t want leave Phuong and better does also Pyle. As result Pyle is killed. This can be a negative outcome of conflict. In 2011 South and North Sudan were at war because of religion and shim colour. The Sudan are government (President al-Bashir) didn’t want people who didn’t believe in the Muslim religion and the South people were nor Muslims. So the people in the south start to fight for freedom of religion and to not be discriminated against of their colour as well. As a result country became separated the South from the North. This could be seen as negative outcome for the country because they couldn’t share things like goods and services between them as well as love between them. Now conflict brought them too many cause both to side. Conflict can be always negative in our society. In 2010 the same happened in Libya the government (Gadhafi) wanted to have power but the people don’t want him to be their leader but he started conflict to maintain his power. As a result Gadhafi was killed by the people. If he didn’t fight with the people or given them the power back he wouldn’t have been killed.
Conflict can help people to analyse ideas to make plans, and projects. When the police fight with criminals society to make safe that has positive outcomes. People have