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Conflict Amber Daniel 4/18/2012 PSY/285 Monica Mauri

Social dilemma, the prisoner’s dilemma, and the tragedy of the commons are three causes of conflict. I am going to explain in the best way I can what each one of these means. I am kind of confused on these myself but I will do my best to make it understandable.

Social Dilemmas would consist of some people using environment friendly products while others would use the products that are harmful to the air and the
Earth. It does not just consist of that, it could be anything that would cause a conflict between one or more people. I think that friendly environment products is a really big deal here lately.

The Prisoner’s dilemma would be trying to get people against each other in some kind of way. I am going to use the example from the textbook. The District
Attorney will try and get either prisoner A or B to turn on the other. Whoever turns on the other first normally gets a lesser charge or not one at all.(pg.356)
Another words, it is trying to get someone to turn on another person for some type of reward.

The Tragedy of the commons has to deal with multiple people or groups. It can be considered anything that many people have to share. For example running water or any type of natural resources the Earth has to offer. This can cause conflict between people and/or groups of people. When there is a lot of people, nobody takes on any type of responsibility.

Some methods that can be used to