Conflict: A Separate Peace and Rivalry Essay

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Conflict, Confrontation, and Contention

Everyday we face challenges, because society is filled with rivalry and competition. John Knowles describes a tale of best friends facing off with each-other in A Separate Peace. Around us we see it whether it be in sports, academics or war, there are always people competing to be the best. It is human instinct to try to be at the top of ones class. Through rivalry people are pushed to reach their greatest potential. Rivalry is important to society, because without it, no one would be pushed to reach their greatest potential, and society would not evolve. A Separate Peace was written to show us that rivalry helps us reach greater heights. We face internal and external rivalry. Within ourselves we fight on whether or not to take action. Then, because of external forces, we act upon our emotions. “My fury was gone, I felt it gone, dried up at the source, withered and lifeless. Phineas had absorbed it and taken it with him and I was rid of it forever.” (Gene-pp. 203). From genes perspective, his “fury” or in this case drive to be the est he could be to stand aside Phineas was gone. When his best-friend and rival Phineas dies, all of his reason to try and succeed just went away. He could no longer feel the same way. He lost his ego which he had to beat Phineas. When rivalry is at its height, both of the forces who oppose each-other become stronger and stronger. Politics, a very touchy subject for some has always