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What are the components of Cahn & Abigails definition of conflict? -They have the perception that they seek incompatible goals or outcomes or they favor incompatible means to the same end. - The conflicting parties are interdependent. - The perceived incompatibility has the potential to adversely affect the relationship leaving emotional residues if not addressed. - There is a sense of urgency about the need to resolve the differences. ( Problematic situations, incompatible goals, means emotional residue sense of urgency ). The prisoners dilemma exercise presents a mixed motive situation with incentives to do what two activities? -Competition: (Sides wanted to have the most points possible) -Cooperation: (You needed the cooperation of your team and the other side/team) What are three reasons why conflicts are not resolved? -By avoiding the conflict no one wins therefore it is never resolved. - The parties in which are resolving conflict may take an Partial Win/Partial Loss which never really settles the situation and is not problem solving. -Bad communication is a reason why conflicts are not resolved Explain the “Inevitability of conflict” principle -We should cease our efforts to find perfect people, learn how to manage the conflicts we are sure to have with those closest to us. What are the five recognizable stages in a process view of conflict? -Processes have stages or phases of development through growth or deterioration -They have a history which a distinctive pattern emerges. -They consist of continual change over time. -Have ingredients that interact that may or may not lead to the next stage. -Any time, space, they represent some outcome, stag, or state of being. What are the steps in the “confrontation process” to resolve interpersonal conflict? -Preperation -Tell the person “we need to talk” -Interpersonal confrontation: talk about the issue -Consider points of views -Resolve Problem -Follow Up Explain the STLC system for dealing with conflict situations -The STLC system is just a helpful system for dealing with conflicts and situations by giving you steps or guidelines to think about before acting irrational. STLC stands for Stop, Think, Listen, Communicate. All 4 are vital to dealing with conflicts appropriately. Describe four techniques that you might use for converting competitive negotiation into cooperation? -First, I would definitely use the STLC system. -I would focus on using a Collaborative system for conflict management styles -I would also focus on the parties issue, interests, and their position. -I would try to create strong alternatives so we could convert competition into cooperation.