Conflicts: Adolescence and Kids Essay

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Carlos Suarez
Mr. Moga
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Cause and Effect Essay Often times when parents and their adolescents are fighting, such words as “I hate you” or “You don’t even love me” are said by kids to their parents. Most times these phrases aren’t really meant, but are a sign of anger in a conflict between their parents and them. As children start to grow up things in their life start to become more important which can lead to more conflicts between them. Three causes that can lead to conflicts between adolescents and their parents are because the expectation of their grades, use of certain technology, and how late they are allowed to stay outside. One of the main causes that make children and parents fight are because of the adolescent’s grades. Most times kids set a standard of only doing the minimum amount of work, but their parents want to them to strive for more so that the child does better than the adult did during that period. Maybe the father or mother didn’t do to good in school, so they would push their child to do better and would expect them to get good grades. This can become into a major conflict because the kid might just want to do the minimum amount of work so that he gets done earlier and gets to go have fun. But the parents would want them to achieve a little more so that they have a better chance of doing whatever they want in the world. Another cause for conflicts between parents and their teens is the time and use of certain technology. When you are a kid all you really want to do is have fun and about half the kids do that with their technology; whether it is with video games or the computer. Many kids now days put the technology they have before their families or doing something active. This can create a major conflict because the parents would rather want their children to be spending time with them or outside doing something athletic. But most would rather be on an x-box or on an I-touch listening to music or playing games. Also, some kids might take advantage of the time they are allowed to use that technology. For example, a parent might say to only use that for one hour but the child