Conformation: Family and Monsignor Andrew Varga Essay example

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Dear Monsignor Andrew Varga,

I have long been participating in the religious formation classes, and during that time, I have studied Jesus and how he has affected everyone’s lives in some way. I have now completed the two-year process that prepares candidates for confirmation. I have helped many people in need through activities completed on my own time. Therefore, I ask you for an increase in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and fuller initiation into the church. I desire this sacrament because I want to become an adult in the church and further strengthen my bond with Jesus. God has been present all throughout my life and the times that I have felt his presence, the message has almost always been the same. Push through, persevere and get back up stronger. “Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all who wait for the Lord.” (Psalms 31:24) Many times I have been knocked down, but God has helped me get back up and be better than ever.

My family is amazing. I have one sister, Michaela, who is 11 years old and can make me laugh in the blink of an eye. My mom and dad, Jane and John, are very caring and loving parents who love to do everything with us. I love to play basketball and swim in the pool, and my mom and sister love to ride horses. As I stated earlier, God has been present in my life many times and one such time was at my grandfather’s (Gerald) wake. My family, including myself, was completely distraught after his death. All of the family was at the wake and I felt His presence, urging me to stay strong and persevere through this tough time. His visit made me remember how Gerald had persevered through his rough upbringing in rural Ireland and his life in the U.S. where at first he struggled to find a job. Gerald pushed through, supported an incredible family, sent his kids to college and became one of the most