Conformity: Conformity and Black Globe Socks Essay

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Fitting in or conforming is definitely something that everyone does at some point. Once one person has an idea it gets passed around to so many people like it’s contagious. Someone might change their clothing to what others wear, or go to extreme lengths and get a tattoo or even do drugs just to fit in and be that person’s friend. There are many ways to conform, to fit in and it would help us in our lives.
Some things that people do may lead to unwanted consequences such as getting into trouble. In the future you could be arrested or have health problems from listening to a friend who told you to have a smoke of something. When it comes down to this, it’s better just to walk away and not get involved. A person I know got a tattoo one day and later in his life they wanted to get rid of it but doing so would lead to nasty scars and an empty wallet. Things that you do to conform may lead to some bad consequences which is something you would need to look out for in the future.
Fitting in will also help you in life. One thing that it does is that it helps you get friends. You and the person sitting next to you one day might have this something you have and once you bring the topic up when you’re talking to that person you start building a relationship. People would then to start to think of you as part of their group. It’s also good because they can stick up for you when you are in a bad time. It gives a sense of belonging. When you do this you feel as though you are being accepted, part of something and this is achieved by conforming.