Conformity: Education and Conformity Overrules Individuality Essays

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Conformity overrules individuality in today’s society. School programs now require conformity to pass and do good rather than individuality. It doesn’t matter what classes you enjoy or the future you have planned you are still required to take certain classes to show your success whether you enjoy them or not. Because of these classes you have to conform to the schools standards and if you don’t meet them you lose opportunities. Schools stress the importance of one thing over another and forcing student to think of their individuality last. Schooling programs enforce conformity and therefore individuality is not produced. Our future has become dependent on our conformity in school. In Source A, Gatto explains that there as a considerable number of well-known Americans that never went through the schooling kids go through now. These well-known Americans come from an exempt individuality. However in schools the opposite is taught—to think of success dependent on schooling. Success is not measured by the favorable outcome of the early educational years of someone’s life but the exceptional individuality that is released among society to produce a domino effect. There are certain classes in our education system that are required for the students to take in order to graduate. In source F we see a picture taken during a music class where we see some boys attending. Classes like music, art, and physical education are required to be present on our transcript before we can graduate. Sometimes a kid comes along who is not successful in these classes, but due to this conformity the classes must be taken and can result in a lowering of a GPA. This can change someone’s future and decrease opportunities all because of the difficulty conformity can cause. In source E Holt states “It is a rare child who can come through his schooling with much left of his curiosity, his independence or his sense of his own dignity, competence and worth.” The conformity that comes with being put through school has a