Conformity In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Conformity vs. Nonconformity J. Fank Doble once said, ”Conform and be dull”. However, Albert Einstein said, ”It give me great pleasure to see the stubbornness of an incorrigible nonconformist”. вoхer ιѕ a нorѕe ғroм тнe novel Animal farm which is written by George Orwell, which represents the Russian’s revolution. On the other hand, Maya Angelou was an author and was a coordinator for the civil rights movement. Boxer represents a conformist while Maya Angelou represent a nonconformist. Just because their physical side is conformity doesn't mean that their mentality is.
Boxer is a conformist. He follows the leaders’ laws and always does his job no matter what. He will always work hours earlier then all the other animals. He even does extra work after work hours. For instance,in the battle of cowshed, Boxer and the rest of the animals had fought in the battle under snowball commands(chapter 4,pg 40). This
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old мajor нad warn вoхer aвoυт тнιѕ вeғore oғ тнey reвelled, “тнe very day вoхer greaт мυѕcleѕ wιll loѕe тнeιr power”(pg9). Also during the battle of the windmill boxer got wounded. During the rebuilding of the windmill boxer muscles gave up on him while he was working. After that accident with rebuilding the windmill boxer had died. This quote prove that being a conformist will end up during off with no trace of who they really are. Now on the other hand let's check out our nonconformist.
Our nonconformist is the most famous author Maya Angelou. Back I. The days she work alongside Martin Luther King and Malcolm X are also nonconformist. Maya Angelou was in the civil rights movement with Martin Luther King. During the civil rights movement Maya Angelou was the northern corroborator for the southern Christian leadership conference. This quote prove that she had a brain of her own to take action that didn't seem right to her unlike boxer a conformist would just go with it. Now let's see how her half