Conformity: Meaning of Life and Shift Index Survey Essay

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It is believed that time is infinite, yet it is known that our life is finite however a favourite poet of mine once said that “just because we don’t have forever, doesn’t mean we have to live our lives moving towards the end”. With this in mind, why do we feel the need to conform to society and live life to the structure that has already been created by previous generations? It is that we have a birth-school-work-marriage-death scheme built into us? Or perhaps we’re simply too fearful to break free of the mould created and become our own person.
From an early age we are taught the boundaries of society, the do’s and do not’s, but what or who decides these right’s and wrong’s? 60 years ago smoking resembled wealth and power yet now it is categorised as a dirty habit. What has changed?
80% of people dislike or are unsatisfied with their job; a figure proposed by Deloitte’s Shift Index survey. With this statistic in mind, why are people going through life, using approximately a third of their lifetime committed to a job or a routine they are discontented with? Assuming a person is in a job with an aim to be a higher position, what happens when they reach their work goal? Are the rewarded with lifetime of happiness, or do they become shortly dissatisfied after realising that their work goal, which is supposed to be so exhilarating and spectacular, shortly becomes the same routine that they became bored with in their last position? Of course, the paycheque at the end of the