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April 9, 2014 Conformity is important because it provides predictability between a group of individuals. When you have conformity the individual in society understands their boundaries their place and their role. An example would be the guidelines followed by military and the police force. They are given a set of guide lines to follow to ensure effectiveness in society to be followed. You want a set of rules were you understand the same procedure is followed by everyone. By doing so a smoother government can be run. Conformity can affect the power of a situation because of the leader.and because of the positive and negative aspects. Conformity is necessary for society to exist but is also a danger to society for many reasons. Conformity is necessary in a society because it shows how people act, and behave around others. It also shows how people will react under pressure. This can be a good thing, or a negative thing depending on the situation. Conformity is divided into two main groups; Formal groups and informal group. Formal groups were made to work towards a specific goal in places such as schools and workplace, because these rules are made up by an individual it can be considered the social norm of society. The other group is the informal group.An example would be the friends we choose to socialize ourselves with. In an formal group, most times a list of exceptions are not expected to be followed because they are not given automatically. Its followed by the expectations of society and the social norm. We are taught as children what is acceptable to do in public, by figures of authority (. a Good or a Bad Thing?."HubPages. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Apr. 2014 )Conformity occurs because everyone wants mutual respect and to be treated the same as each individual in society. Members in society want a sense of feeling safe in their home and outside in public. Humans want to understand each individual is equal and is obligated to follow the same guidelines everyday. When individuals cause a negative aspect to conformity it becomes dangerous to society. Things we feel are right fade out into the background because we want to fit in to the norm. If we feel something being done is wrong, but we are being pressured to join, often times we will do so because of the pressure of conformity. Conformity is a good thing for many reasons in society. In the example of the police and military it shows how we are all equal and have the same rules to follow. We are taught what is socially acceptable at a young age. Because these rules provide people, their families, and their property with a sense of safety, a majority of these individuals oblidge to the rules and law. It allows us to function as a large group, and working class society. If a group of individuals have a positive mindset, are respectful towards others, and follow the law- the people they interact with will be likely to have a postive contribution to society's conformity. People around them will be more likely to follow manners enstilled in them at a young age. An example would be holding a door for an elder, or giving up a seat on the bus. However an example of negative aspects in social media based on conformity would be the 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup riot. In downtown Vancouver a public disturbance was caused because the Vancouver hockey team lost, During the riot "140 people were reported injured, one critically injured, four stabbed, nine police officers injured and 108 people were arrested."(Backlash hits Vancouver riot's 'shaming websites'." N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Apr. 2014). Police blocked off scenes and were required to check all people in the access points for alcohol to prevent another riot like the one in 1994, according to Toronto Star (Backlash hits Vancouver riot's 'shaming websites'." N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Apr. 2014). . However, people managed to find ways past the officers with the possession of alcoholic beverages.