Confronting Jack Is The First Step To Helping With The Lower Performance

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Checkpoint: Incident 18-1

Confronting Jack is the first step to helping with the lower performance finding out the cause of his performance. Mel needs to take the first step towards helping him with his problem, Mel has already suggested Jack to go see the doctor. Now there are signs that Jack has a drinking problem by showing signs of alcoholism. Jack has been late, irritable, snappy, missing meetings, absent and hiding in the janitorial closet. Employees are in danger as well as jack himself, being hurt on the job has a greater risk with a substance that makes a person not be in control of themselves. The first step to take is to take him to the drug clinic to find out what other potential drugs he could be taking. After the test and it comes back as "dirty", give him the chance to enter a program to become sober. When entering the program the main source will be revealed of the cause. Jack does refuse to help to gain sobriety, the proper steps are going to be taken for termination as he is under the influence while on the job. Under the influence on any job is not tolerated as other employees are in danger, Jack would have to much alcohol in his system and with his irritable and sloppy behavior. Another employee would say the wrong words to Jack and he would put all employees in danger of his rage. Mel is going to take the proper step to help out the Jack. Mel as director of human resources, knows the rules and policies of the