Essay about Confucius Hero

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CONFUCIUS Hero is a hope. We can follow him. Hero can save world. Hero helps people in need. Hero is the great person. Some heroes have ability power to help government. Hero also is a good leader. Hero can guide us go to the right way. Confucius is my hero in my heart. Confucius was a hero because of the beliefs and wisdom he shared with others, the effort he made to make the world a better place, and the impact his ideas had upon Chinese civilization. So he was my hero. I always watch his movies and book. I think he was a good teacher and a good leader. He let china become more powerful and strong.
Confucius was a hero because of the beliefs and wisdom he shared with others. Confucius’s teaching focused on the traditional Chinese concept of li. This term stood for proper etiquette or social ritual (UXL BIO). At the, time, most people interpreted li as proper conduct of ceremonies or rituals (UXL BIO).Confucius extended the idea of li govern all people’s relationship and behavior (UXL BIO). He believed harmony in society would be maintained if people follow this moral etiquette (UXL BIO. Confucianism, the body of thought and writings inspires by Confucius, is characterized by some as a philosophy and others as a religion (DISC). Its objective is the elucidation and encouragement of three main principles: Jen, Tao, and li (DISC). The meaning of each term has engendered a multitude of interpretations, resulting in diverse reading of Confucius’s outlook (DISC).