Confucius Machiavelli and Rousseau Essay

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Confucius, Machiavelli, and Rousseau
I have come across great thinkers before but I never read their values. After coming across these philosophies in class, I feel most of the thinkers have common viewpoints of Confucius, Machiavelli, and Rousseau.
Confucianism is all about making good impact to others in life. Confucius human nature was morally superior and his love for learning and spreading humanity was all about being teaching being virtuous. He highlighted on wisdom, compassion, and courage. He believed in maintaining well-ordered society. He was well ordered virtuous individual, very humble person and understood that a human being can distinguish between good and bad. He believed, a person through experiences in his/her life, one can learn to differentiate between good and bad and eventually start practicing good things. He believed power came from trust, faith, virtue, devotion, knowledge, ethics, being generous and diligence. Through his beliefs he taught that a ruler should not exploit his supremacy and people should not blindly follow the rules. His values are about common sense which can be globally applied. During his time there were many foes of his thinking and it was only after he died, his beliefs became widespread.
Machiavelli on the other side was a very wicked and unemotional person. His philosophies, were popularly called as Machiavellianism. He believed in getting power through fear and military. He mentions the immoral ways by which a prince can maintain its power and can become a future king. He mentioned that the only real concern of a ruler should be gaining and maintenance of power. He also believed that a ruler must be willing to act in unethical ways at right times. His philosophies has no regard for