Essay about Congress: United States Senate and currently John Boehner

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1. Apportionment- The process of how all of the states get their seats in the House of Representatives. This is decided by the census which takes place every 10 years.
So let’s say New York has 22 seats in 2000 and Florida has 21. Then in 2010 the census concludes that all the other states population have remained the same except more people left New York and went to Florida. New York would lose seats and Florida would gain seats.

2. Bill- A bill is a proposed law under consideration by a legislature. The legislature tries to enact a process or believe that they believe should be put into law. The laws for texting and driving was once a bill.

3. Markup- where the House of Representatives looks and debates at the amendments to a bill or a law. When texting and driving bill was being proposed the House of Representatives all went through the different parts of the bill and discussed what should be or shouldn’t be included in the bill.

4. Pocket veto- An act that allows the president or other official to use his/her veto power with no issues. In December 2007 President George Bush vetoed the “National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008”. In order for it to pass the House of Representatives as well as the senate had to vote and pass it by 2/3.

5. Conference committee- A joint committee of people from both parties. If there is a disagreement on a bill they will get together to try to solve this disagreement.

6. Logrolling- The idea of trading favors in the legislative branch. If you want something and they want something you will both vote to make the other one happy. ( This doesn’t happen much now a days in congress)

7. Seniority- Takes place in the United States senate. Used to explain the seniority between the senators in the same state. The “Senior Senator” has more power than the “ Junior Senator”

8. Standing committee- a subunit of a larger parent body that assists the parent body with tasks. This was established by the legislative reorganization act of 1946.

9. Select committee- A committee made up of a small number of parliamentary members who work to solve issues in a certain area. In the United