Conic Section and Square Essay

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Conic sections are the intersection of a cone and a plane. Conic sections consist of circles, ellipses, parabolas, and hyperbolas. To determine the conic that an equation may create, you would have to figure out the shape thru the equation. In order to identify the shape, pointing out common key factors will help. For instance, in some conics (vertices, foci, and axes), are a few key ideas to help. So you start by plotting these key points and then identifying what kind of curve they form. A circle is the equal distance from the center to edge of the circle. The equation is (Y square + X square = V square), with the same X and Y coefficients. In order to form an equation for a transformation circle, you must identify the center and the radius. Then you use the numbers to plug them into (Y square + X square = V square), and set it to Y. Once that is done, you have to solve it, and find the negative version of the equation. For the circle, both coefficients are squared. An ellipse is like a stretched out circle (oval). They are either stretched Horizontally (Y) or Vertically (Y). They also contain two radiuses, a horizontal radius and a vertical radius, and last but not least they have different coefficients. Ellipses are different because they have different coefficients and shapes. The Ellipse’s have a positive sign in between the equations, while the circles have a negative sign in between the equations. In order to write an equation for a Ellipse we have to find the center of the ellipses, then find both radius (x, y). We also have to find the value under y square, and then we…